get a dog
rhodesian ridgeback

I want a rhodesian ridgeback so bad!!!!

cut my wrists
not worth it

really not worth it i did it in high school. you grow up and realize the shit that you cut for was pointless. the reasons were dumb. hell i would pay to go through the shit i was cutting for in high school over what i have to go through now. its really not worth it. go for a jog, write in a journal, listen to music. what ever cutting just isn’t worth it.

Stop cutting
i finally stopped

i realized i was cutting to fill a whole that was to big to be filled by cutting or anything. honestly the only thing that could fill it was God.

improve my swimming
club swimming

Just dont go join a club team and swim competetivly… i did for 10 years and it kinda took the fun outta it.. I would much rather train by myself than with a coach now. And club swimming becomes your whole life. at one point friends stopped asking me to hang out cuz they knew i would have swimming…



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