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  3. 3. ۴ دن کی کارگردگی
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say no (read all 2 entries…)

its always some thing more important comes, that put up the yes ////

say no (read all 2 entries…)
say no

To say no is really using your freedom and not allowing others to use your freedom for there own stake.
I have to say no many times, usually even I had lost my final papers because that I could not say no to some of my friends and family. That cost me a lot. The very problem comes in saying no is that:
when you say no to some one they thought you do not care about them and its your feeling that let you down to say no to your feelings and say yes for others feelings only so that people could not say that you do not care about them while it is also actually in the sub conscious that This is the EGO of the person that say that nobody could say anything wrong about him or her, so thats why we are in the tendency to be overcome by others freedom and let down ours freedom.

۴ دن کی کارگردگی
۴ دن کی کارگردگی

اتوار، پیر، منگل، بدھ
ان چار دنوں کی کارگردگی کا جاءزه لینا هے۔
١) ترجمه میں ١٢ کلاسسز ختم کرنی هیں۔ یعنی ١٢١ کلاس تک۔
٢( CISSP کے لءے روزانه ۵ گھنٹے دینے هیں۔

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