I'm doing 13 things

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  1. 1. be me
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  2. 2. Stop caring what other people think of me
    4,679 people
  3. 3. Stop comparing myself with others
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  4. 4. Brighten at least one person's day, everyday.
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  5. 5. do one thing at a time
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  6. 6. Lead by example
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  7. 7. finish my homework
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  8. 8. join a band
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  9. 9. complete everything in a single day
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  10. 10. find (and get) the perfect career
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  11. 11. run an eight minute mile
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  12. 12. get away
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  13. 13. write an awsome song
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Recent entries
be me
who am i?

i’m still young, i guess. i’ve got sometime to figure out who i am and why im here. i don’t even know what im talking about. i can’t define me. i’m so many different things at the same time its impossible for me to act a certain way. so…. i will achieve this “thing” or goal or whatever by basically not acting like anything but crazy old me.

get away
what does it mean?

literally, i do want to leave my house, my city, my school, some of the people i know. but on a higher level, i want to get away from the old, introverted, time and opportunity wasting,me.
there is a diifferent person deep inside of me, not that i don’t like being me. i just wish i could change certain stuff about me. getting away, to a new place literally or figuratively or whatever, might bring about that change…


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