I'm doing 7 things

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  1. 1. stop eating sugar
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  2. 2. get outdoors
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  3. 3. do one new thing every week
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  4. 4. know God
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  5. 5. finish my masters
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  6. 6. climb a mountain
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  7. 7. Get a tattoo
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be comfortable with being alone
have kids

seriously, it’s the fastest way to loving “alone” time!

learn to shoot a gun
They're out there, might as well know how to use it

My dad gave me one for my graduation from high school, now if I was a guy that might seem normal…however I’m a gal and a 357 magnum was a strange gift indeed…that being said…it was quite a lesson

stop drinking soda
Made a $1500.00 bet with my brother

Neither one of us have had a soda for 15 months!


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