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  1. 1. Visit Hong Kong
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  2. 2. Live in Vancouver
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  3. 3. learn ruby on rails
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  4. 4. study tai chi
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  5. 5. visit San Francisco
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learn ruby on rails

I’ve been intrigued with this solution for some time now but had so much on my plate that I didn’t think I had time…until last week when I saw the book “Agile Web Development with Rails”. After browsing through it while sipping a cappucino, I realized that by learning RoR, I would actually have more time. On Saturday I searched for web hosting companies that support RoR and came across what I thought was an interesting company… I immediately signed up. BTW Joe Clarke (the owner??) was very helpful and got my account set up right away.

After installing everything including MySql and MySql Front on my own machine..I spent a couple of hours digging in.


I hope that by mid – January, I’ll be in full RoR mode.

Live in Vancouver

Having worked for a Vancouver based company for a number of years while living in Toronto, I was drawn by the mountains, ocean and its people. I know the rain and clouds can depress some…but frankly I’ll take that over an Ottawa winter anytime


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