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shilofetish's Life List

  1. 1. visit all 50 states
    9,049 people
  2. 2. fill my passport
    210 people
  3. 3. learn how to prepare 10 excellent meals
    786 people
  4. 4. hanglide
    101 people
  5. 5. bungee jump
    3,927 people
  6. 6. jet ski
    98 people
  7. 7. grow my hair as long as possible
    148 people
  8. 8. get rid of my acne
    570 people
  9. 9. find true love
    3,085 people
  10. 10. save $100 a month for the future
    1 person
  11. 11. befriend someone I don't like
    36 people
  12. 12. hold off on sex until marriage
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    1 person
  13. 13. never outgrow myself
    1 person
  14. 14. fall in love with someone who will love me forever
    1 person
  15. 15. love my body
    1,133 people
  16. 16. climb a fourteener
    45 people
  17. 17. design my own house
    1,426 people
  18. 18. fit into a size 8
    30 people
  19. 19. get my Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering
    1 cheer
    3 people
  20. 20. Make my parents proud
    1,610 people
  21. 21. Read the entire Bible
    2,552 people
  22. 22. Live in a foreign country for at least a year
    130 people
  23. 23. get a tattoo that has a significant meaning
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    627 people
  24. 24. Speak German fluently
    380 people
  25. 25. Own a house
    2,277 people
  26. 26. get married to the love of my life
    399 people
  27. 27. Grow in Christ
    1,223 people
  28. 28. be successful in a career I love
    5 people
  29. 29. Read more books
    11,846 people
  30. 30. exercise regularly
    10,862 people
  31. 31. feel good about myself
    417 people
  32. 32. live to see my grandchildren
    20 people
  33. 33. tour Europe
    398 people
  34. 34. earn a Masters degree
    278 people
  35. 35. spend more quality time with my boyfriend
    1 cheer
    4 people
  36. 36. Donate blood
    1 entry
    2,856 people
  37. 37. ski Europe
    2 people
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travel to another country

So far I’ve been able to go to Germany (though I was too young to remember much), Malaysia, Signapore, and Mexico.

hold off on sex until marriage

This is personal as well as religious, and until I started dating Joe, my first serious boyfriend, it never occurred to me that it was very feesible, and that I wasn’t missing out on anything by waiting. I choose to wait because I feel it is right, and because I want it to mean more to me than a rump in the sack. He means everything to me, and the fact that he wants to wait too, and supports my decision to wait, shows me that he is the kind of guy I want to be with for the rest of my life. I know that I’ll have no regrets later, and that’s important to me.

cut my hair short before growing it out
the college cut

I decided at the end of freshman year to cut my hair to a cute bob, in which the longest pieces were just under my chin. I got 6-8 inches cut off, and it ended up looking great (even though I cried the first time I ran my fingers through my hair!) I started letting it grow back out, but ended up cutting it again at the end of sophomore year because I didn’t like the in-between short/long look, and figured that I could keep it shorter through college and have fun with it before I tried to grow it out.
My hair ended up being a lot healthier too, seeing as I cut half of it off and somewhat started over.

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