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Get rid of my junk
I’m moving in July (getting married!! yay!)...AND I really have a hard time living with my roommates. So, I want to start getting rid of all of the extra junk in my life so that I don’t have to move it into a small apartment…AND I want to do it sooner rather than later (the less stuff I have here the less it feels like I really live here…I think I’m probably weird…). Also, my fiance and I really will be starting a new life together, so I’d like to get rid of the junk that follows around me in this one. I don’t have THAT much (it fits mostly into one little bedroom), but I have always liked having less stuff.
Steps for today? Mostly planning when I’m going to do things I think—the simple throwing away of stuff has been done already.
Things to plan:
  • Clearing out top shelf of closet
  • Making cookies to use up the homemade Persimmon Jam & Dulce de Leche that I have in the fridge (then… GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE…see other goals hehe)
  • Schoolbooks will have to wait until after I’ve made my finals study sheet
  • Pack away & get rid of card-making stuff (make the rest of the cards first?)
  • Cleaning out my car
  • talk to Erik about selling furniture (bed, desk, bookshelf)

grow spiritually

I doubt this will be something that I will ever be able to cross of the list, because growing spiritually is a life-long process. However, I do really want to try really hard at this this summer because I’m getting married this summer and 1) for my religion, getting married is a very religiously significant event and I want to be prepared to appreciate it fully AND 2) I want to be in a good spiritual place to start a family, to have a good foundation so that I can be a strong support for my future husband and children.
To do this I would like to make a goal of reading my scriptures daily, attending more institute classes, praying at least in the morning and at night and reading other books related to the scriptures.

lose weight for the wedding

I want to lose about 10 lbs for my wedding which is in 78 days (but who’s counting?) or 11 weeks. That sounds doable right?
The capped sleeves on my gown inspire flashbacks of the tricep chub that was my bat mitzvah.
Bathing suit shopping at Target yesterday revealed a pretty gruesome picture of my legs…not an issue with a full-length wedding dress, but certainly an issue for the honeymoon in Hawaii that follows!!
The Approach:
Now that school’s out I have much more time to exercise and prepare healthy meals for me and Erik. Also more time to plan…which many times is the hardest part. We’ll see how that goes!
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