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  1. 1. become a happier person
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  2. 2. finish college
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  3. 3. visit every MLB stadium
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  4. 4. to lose weight
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to lose weight
how did it happen?

i saw a picture of me that was taken the other day, and i look like i’m with child! i can assure all of you, i am not pregnant right now! i’m unsure how i let myself get SO big. i did SO well over last summer by cutting my food intake by half and went walking everyday. but some how i gained it back. i’m back up to 225lbs. i would LOVE to get down to 175lbs by 9.24.11.

here’s how we’re going to get this done;

1. count calories 1400/day
2. cut down on food intake
3. go walking every other day
4. weight myself every other friday
5. log on here and write about my feelings every other day

i’m hoping by keeping these goals in mind, i’ll be able to get down to my ideal weight for my wedding day.

visit every MLB stadium
done almost half!

i’ve been on this quest for about four years now!

so far;

Old Yankees Stadium, twice
Shea (Met’s, twice)
Camden Yards O’s
Red Sox
the Ballpark at Arlington (Rangers)
Minute Maid Park (Astros)
San Fran Giants
Oakland A’s
San Diego Padres
Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles Angels
AZ Diamond Backs

can’t wait to finish the rest on this MLB list!

finish college
it's about time...

i’ve been working full-time for years now, and i never went to college out of high school. looking back at my life i wish someone would have told my younger self that i should have applied myself more in high school and went to college! but since i didn’t, now i’m trying to be a student all over again. on some days i’m not very good at it, but my goal is to do my homework every other day, do the daily reading, show up to class every week, and pass all my classes.


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