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  1. 1. buy more makeup
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  2. 2. dye my hair
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  3. 3. get a makeover
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  4. 4. get gel nails
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  5. 5. play tennis
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  6. 6. Buy an expensive handbag
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  7. 7. Buy a Juicy Couture bag
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  8. 8. perfect life
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How I did it
How to quit my job
It took me
3 months
It made me
Happy and Relieved!

How to clear skin
It took me
2 weeks
It made me

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Buy a Juicy Couture bag
My Favorite Purse Brand!

i don’t own any, because I want to get a real quality one, but I think I found some! Here’s a pic of one that I like:

play tennis
Want to play tennis

I’m going to join my friend in tennis in the spring for our school. Hopefully I can learn fast. :)

Quit my job
So Free!

Since I’m a little too young for a real “job”, I had a weekly babysitting job. The 2 girls were like my little sisters, but I dreaded it so much sometimes I would get terrible migranes. The younger one could be a pain, and I had wanted to quit for like 2 months. One day, I spent 2 hours chasing a screaming little girl through the park who wouldn’t go inside. Finally I just had to text her mom and quit. I fell SO much better! I hated babysitting, and I felt like I was just doing it for the money.

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