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I'm doing 10 things

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  1. 1. Be a special education teacher
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  2. 2. Print out all of my pictures
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  3. 3. Fight for something I believe in
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  4. 4. Be fluent in ASL
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  5. 5. Be a good daughter and sister
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  6. 6. Go to Ireland
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  7. 7. Keep my scholarship throughout college
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  8. 8. Lose 10 pounds
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  9. 9. Find true love
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  10. 10. visit all 50 states
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How I did it
How to read a book over 7 times
It took me
2 years
It made me

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visit all 50 states

My grandparents have done this and they have some amazing stories. I would love to be able to see every single state that makes up our country.

Read a book over 7 times
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If you find a book that you absolutely love, you should read it again and again. They more you read it, the more you catch that you didn’t notice before. It’s hard to truly appreiciate an author’s work after reading a book only one time.


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