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  1. 1. sleep before midnight
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  2. 2. eat healthier food
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  3. 3. Take more pictures
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  4. 4. catch up with reading
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  5. 5. re-design my website
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  6. 6. Watch more French films
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  7. 7. Visit Japan
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  8. 8. get freshmen to swipe me into the DC
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  9. 9. be less obsessive
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catch up with reading

I actually want to keep up with the readings for my classes this quarter! No more putting it off. At least I don’t have tons of papers to write this time. So, no more excuses.

eat healthier food
cooking my own

Julia mentioned to me the other day that I seem to have a “limited” variety of food that I eat. I’m getting lazy these days and don’t want to cook so much. Microwave is MY FRIEND! But hey, I did survive until now, didn’t I? But I guess I haven’t really eaten a healthy variety. At least I get my veggies!

sleep before midnight

I actually have morning classes this quarter, and late work times. Time to get a full night’s sleep so I can stay awake in class!


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