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  1. 1. create my own website
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  2. 2. achieve all my life goals
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  3. 3. become a Success
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  4. 4. reach out to people that need help
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  5. 5. help myself
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  6. 6. help others
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  7. 7. get education
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  8. 8. help the world
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  9. 9. talk to people
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  10. 10. learn
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  11. 11. have fun
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  12. 12. become a great help and writer.
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  13. 13. be yourself
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  14. 14. read as many books as possible, starting with all the books I own but haven't read
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become a success
Become a success

In order to become a success you must be able to do this. Follow these underneath. 1. Stay in School and graduate from a college. 2. get married before you’ve kids. 3. Stay married 4. Stay away from drugs and alcholic.

graduate from my high school and colleges with great grades

This is for high school drop outs or kids that don’t want to graduate. I have seen many kids complaining about droping out of school. Why waste a precious time to learn about something you can use in the future? This is your time to shine about your future.

become a great help and writer.
Become a great help and writer.

I have always want to help people with major issues such as relatinonships, communities, communicating, and the world. I have major issues everyday I get help by family members, teachers, friends, and more. I want you to see that this website help me to reach where I striving for. I want to become a writer because I want to write poetry, ideas, books, and more. I have goals to reach once I graduate from school and get everything sraight. I want to become similar to Maya Angelou.

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