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Be less shy (read all 2 entries…)

i hate when people ask me why i’m so shy, and what the problem is…it just makes me crouch away even more. Why can’t some people just accept it as the way I am or even try to start a conversation with me….i will talk back.

lose 15 pounds (read all 8 entries…)

So, i finally got to weigh myself again this past weekend. I’m down to 136 (i started at 146). I’d like to lose a few more, hopefully all goes well in the next few weeks…bad timing for thanksgiving dinners though, ah well.

list 100 things that make me happy

100 things that make me happy (not necessarily in this order)
1- flavored coffee
2- the smell of old books
3- family gatherings
4- christmas music
5- new socks
6- learning something new
7- people watching
8- my cats
9- my dogs
10- dirt roads
11- walking to where I need to be
12- the sound of rain (especially on a metalish roof)
13- singing to music
14- grandparents
15- losing weight

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