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  1. 1. be more creative
    1,739 people
  2. 2. find inner peace
    807 people
  3. 3. have a baby
    6,210 people
  4. 4. love unconditionally
    550 people
  5. 5. Live spontaniously
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  6. 6. inspire someone
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  7. 7. get a graduate degree
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  8. 8. become more social
    377 people
  9. 9. Learn to speed read
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  10. 10. feel connected with the universe
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  11. 11. Take a roadtrip across the US
    42 people
  12. 12. Learn Spanish
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  13. 13. learn to SCUBA dive
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  14. 14. read the great books
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  15. 15. Stop being so nervous
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Stop being so nervous

Any academic stuff such as writing papers, applying for graduate school, and sometimes even being late to class makes me excessively nervous. I guess maybe I am just afraid I don’t have what it takes to be a Clinical Social worker (which is my goal). I think I am also afraid that going to school for this closes the door to other career opportunities (not that I can think of anything else I would want to pursue). I don’t know why I am so obsessive about school. I mean I know rationally that if it doesn’t work out for me I can always do something else and make that work. I guess I just want to do it right the first time. I guess I am also just scared that I won’t be happy with my life.


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