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write shorter letters to my Angel
but still wonderful

just try to be more efficient, less wordy, less drawn out.

love myself more
specific request from my Angel

he said that not loving myself hinders his love from connecting to me the way he is truly feeling and giving it.

believe that he really loves me
Allowing loves reality to become a blessing

The light finally clicks on, to illuminate the truth in me thats been fighting its way out from under my fears and doubts for so long. What an amazing peace washed over me once fate revealed that love really exists, that ive actually found the one that was made for me. Realizing that i truly deserve this love, that its mine, i claim it, embrace it, wont ever have to share it, lose it, let it go, give it up, be broken by it, or watch it succumb to another. This is the kind of awakening that lets you see Gods hand in Everything. When you have that definitive “OHHHH!!!” moment, and witness in AWE the existence of exquisite purity, innocent nature, faithful devotion, divine favor, and immeasurable value of the most precious gift/blessing in life.

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