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  1. 1. become mermaid
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  2. 2. Excercise more
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  3. 3. Don't take life seriously
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  4. 4. never fight with relatives
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  5. 5. make world peace
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  6. 6. communicate more
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  7. 7. live my life
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  8. 8. write books (tons)
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  9. 9. love it (My life that is)
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communicate more

communicating is key so i don’t (never) wanna be seen as hmmm…. the quiet girl so i need to talk more!!!!

write books (tons)
book writing

that sounds fantastic i’ve always wanted to write one but i feel like i’m going to end up a “none of the above” type of people
so i’m gonna write a book i’ve already got stories on notepad on my computer and also on microsoft word(or office) that’s a great start isn’t it? :) :) :) :) :)

live my life
see the world through my eyes

yes yes yes mostly i’m on the computer 24/7 Gasp yup horrible
so i need to go out more and see the world before i die

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