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Do Yoga every other day

I yoga’d for 4 years straight, working my way from 2 days a week to sometimes 5 days a week – have to love those monthly passes! Though I loved the studio I attended I felt it was time to move on and find other teachers and new experiences involving yoga. After many experiments and disappointments I began to practice alone at home. At first it was great. I found that an hour and a half session would be over in the blink of an eye. I was able to invest more time in experimenting in breathing, meditation and mudra exercises, but because I couldn’t find a teacher/studio to invest I drifted from the investment of time. Now I am back to twice a week at best but want to go back to every other day.

Become financially stable and secure

This year I have decided to take control of my finances. I consolidated my debt and slowly but surely am paying it off. I set some small goal that require money to pay them and have savings automatically deducted from my pay check. I am trying to balance being able to socialize and live in New York while budgeting. I am keeping excel sheets of monthly budgets, spending my income before it arrives so that everything, including paying debts and saving, is alloted for. Thankfully summers in NYC offer freebies of all sorts, including nights at musuems, music and dance lesson in the parks…

Speak and Read German Fluently

I speak smatterings of a number of languages. I read bits and pieces of those languages. French, Spanish and Italian come eaay because they are easily connected and always seem to be around in one form or another but German, because I don’t use it often and don’t hear it anymore seems to be slipping away. I want to begin to concentrate on increasing my knowledge and use of this language.

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