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Work to pay off debt and to get a new car next year (Save $10,000)

I achieved this goal early and the best part about is that I didn’t have to work at McDonald’s to achieve it.

I’m no longer in debt, I recently bought a 2008 Ford Edge and I have more than $10,000.

Financially, it’s been a superb year.

Start microdermabrasion treatments - Have a better looking skin by the end of the year
Again the 14-month pattern.

Instead of doing a bunch of microdermabrasion treatments, I decided to go with the real deal and get dermabrasion done instead.

The surgery will take either in February of 2012 or March the latest.

Although I tried doing microdermabrasion and seen a difference, I’d rather do dermabrasion once and for all.

Visit 3 different countries
1.5 so far?

I started the year by firstly going to Cuba. Then Buffalo (USA) for a total of 6 hours. But hey, that counts!

My plane ticket for Turkey is ready for March 1st so I will have completed this goal but failed to do it within the timeline of one year.

Took a total of 14 months for 3 different countries other than Canada.

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