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  1. 1. get my lip pierced
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get my lip pierced (read all 2 entries…)

so i kgot her like 99 percent to let me get it…. just she dont trust the shop there and like thats the only ship that will let me get it done bcz its a italian law that u have to be 16 to get it even wit a parent so yah i almost there!! and if i dont my unkle said hed do it 4 free and not let my mom knoe!!

get my lip pierced (read all 2 entries…)

i need like some help…..... i need ways to try and konvince my mom to let me get my lip done. PLZ some1 help me i like supa really badly want one and i have the money. how much does it kost in the states bcz in italy its like 65 euro and that seems like hella lot? some plz give me some suggestions plz…....


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