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visit london

i travel to London alot as i live in the UK. It is such a hectic place, not a place for anyone with no patience! It’s a brilliant night out, so many nice cocktail bars and the theaters are a must do. It’s extreeeemly expensive if you want a hotel in the center. It is a money mad place and you will see Bentleys, Jaguars and Ferraris everywhere. There is a club in Soho where all the celebs go, Lily Allen especialy. Shopping on Oxford St. is fantasic! If you can put up with the hustle and bustle. The tubes are the most confusing thing i have ever had to do, and i still coouldn’t do it on my own after visiting alot. You will love it though, got to experiance it!

Much love oxoxo

Move to NYC
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there is nothing you can't do...

This is something i’ve always wanted to do, from such a young age. My partner is also obsessed with the city. We haven’t ever been either, but i know so much about the place and i would do anything to live there. I currently work as a Buisness travel consultant in the UK but once i’m in NYC i want to work in immigration control at the airport. I need information on visas and everything i need to make the big step.



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