I'm doing 10 things

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  1. 1. get in better shape
    927 people
  2. 2. stop procrastinating
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    30,416 people
  3. 3. Become a better programmer
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    898 people
  4. 4. Learn to play ukulele
    41 people
  5. 5. Master J2EE (Struts, Spring, Hibernate)
    339 people
  6. 6. Learn Ruby
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    1,871 people
  7. 7. learn how to play banjo
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    6 people
  8. 8. Own at least one lawn gnome
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    13 people
  9. 9. draw more
    2,339 people
  10. 10. learn python
    848 people
Recent entries
Own at least one lawn gnome
Do I need a lawn first?

Methinks I should put owning a lawn before this. Or maybe find someone who wants to rent out their lawn? Or maybe I could just adopt a gnome somewhere?

learn how to play banjo
find a banjo or teacher?

Should I find a banjo or a teacher first? A teacher could probably help me buy a decent banjo. But if I bought one, I could start playing on my own.

Learn Ruby
Starting doing examples in the pickaxe book

Bought Programming Ruby. Now have to start reading it and coding examples.


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