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  1. 1. stop pulling my hair
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  2. 2. eat healthy
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  3. 3. To live instead of exist
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  4. 4. Take vitamins daily
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stop pulling my hair (read all 2 entries…)
so far good!

its been nearly 2 days and i havent pulled =DDD im so happy this site has helped me to remind me to always stop if i feel like tugging at my hair =]]

stop pulling my hair (read all 2 entries…)
starting today for good hopefully

i’ve been pulling since i was in 4th grade and its nice to see that im not alone, but now im going into 11th and i dont wanna worry about hiding short hair or bald spots anymore so hopefully this time it will work for good so far its been 5 hours since i pulled which lately seems like a long time but hopefully never again =]] wish me luck!


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