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speak spanish fluently (read all 3 entries…)
The Saga Continues

I finished my Latin american literature course, and the teacher was so terrible that I am not taking another course from him. What kind of college has a single faculty member teaching all the spanish classes when they offer a spanish major? Crazy. The class was a bit ridiculous, so I think I will take a break from the spanish for now…

speak spanish fluently (read all 3 entries…)

Since last summer in spain I have taken a conversational spanish class while in school in Rochester. Now I am taking a course in spanish literature at EC, which has somehow become a history course. Where the line between fluent and not is im not sure, but I feel like I am close!

find a new job (read all 3 entries…)
It tracked me down

After classes ended in January I became a book reading hermit for 3 months. Then it happened – a job offer came and I took it because I like eating and healthcare sounds like a good thing. I’ve been working 6 months now, and I can hardly say that its my dream job. Fact is, a good job probably isn’t gonna find you, so its gonna takes some doing for me to figure out what I and get into it. I want to be productive and to make sure that my work helps all people – so it should be something that contributes to the ephemeralization of products or perhaps harvesting solar/wind energy. I love the idea of geothermal power and would like to pursue that some more. Ideally though, my job would be something not so tecnical.

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