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leaving for Niger in 3 weeks!

I haven’t updated on this goal in a while because I got busy with other things, but I received my invitation about 3 weeks ago and I’m leaving for Niger, West Africa on October 21st. I’m very excited and nervous!

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medical clearance

After three months of waiting, I my medical clearance letter in the mail today! I basically got a verbal assurance from my OMS nurse on Monday that I was all good but I wasn’t satisfied until I had the letter in hand. :)

After they finally opened my file, they requested some more information about mono I had freshman year of college and one time I saw a therapist in my sophomore year, and I faxed that in a week later. All totaled, it took a couple of weeks to complete the medical review, which was less of a pain than I expected. It probably felt less frustrating because I’d been steeling myself for a hassle!

Hopefully, placement won’t take very long because I would really like to make my nomination in October!

Join the Peace Corps (read all 4 entries…)
medical packet submitted!

Two days ago…now the only thing I can do is wait to hear from OMS. And be distracted!

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