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Starting today, 43 Things users can export their goals and entries from the site. Starting August 15, we will make the site “read only”. 43 Things users will still be able to view the site and export their content, but we won’t be taking any new content from users. We hope to leave the site up for folks to see and download their content until the end of the year. Ending on New Year’s Eve takes us full circle.

It has been a long ride (one of our original goals was to "build a company that lasts at least 2 years” - we beat that one!) While we wish the site could live on, it has suffered from a number of challenges - changes in how people use the site, the advertising industry, and how search engines view the site. We wish the outcome was different – but we’ve always been realistic about when our goals are met and when they aren't.

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how can I make ONE of these things real, today ?

I'm doing 43 things

slrc's Life List

  1. 1. Meditate every morning
    3 entries . 3 cheers
    43 people
  2. 2. Stop ! Now.
    6 entries . 1 cheer
    2 people
  3. 3. Improve my knowledge of geography
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    52 people
  4. 4. Respect my skin 24/7
    15 entries . 1 cheer
    1 person
  5. 5. Assertiveness
    1 entry
    1 person
  6. 6. Self discipline
    2 entries . 1 cheer
    18 people
  7. 7. You are what you have been...
    4 entries
    1 person
  8. 8. Believe in thyself
    3 entries
    1 person
  9. 9. tighten belly muscles (core muscles !) to save my back from more degeneration and another hernia
    3 entries . 1 cheer
    1 person
  10. 10. read the news everyday
    1 entry
    21 people
  11. 11. Read Anais Nin: Letters to Henry Miller
    2 cheers
    1 person
  12. 12. call my uncles and aunts on their birthdays.
    1 person
  13. 13. swimming, open water swimming
    1 entry
    1 person
  14. 14. practice karate again
    2 entries
    2 people
  15. 15. learn to sing and dance
    1 entry
    12 people
  16. 16. Hiking in NZ !
    1 entry
    1 person
  17. 17. see the aurora borealis
    2 entries
    2,010 people
  18. 18. Avoid damaging my relationship with my husband by being more assertive with him and the rest of the family !
    1 person
  19. 19. write everyday
    356 people
  20. 20. Read one book a month when priorities are met
    1 person
  21. 21. Plato, not Prozac...
    1 person
  22. 22. Changing for good
    1 entry
    1 person
  23. 23. Susan Sontag
    1 entry
    1 person
  24. 24. Celtic Stories
    1 person
  25. 25. You are not a stranger here
    1 person
  26. 26. Visit Sweden
    202 people
  27. 27. Darkness of the soul
    1 person
  28. 28. Read so many good books
    1 entry
    1 person
  29. 29. List ways to feel alive...
    2 entries
    1 person
  30. 30. Complete CBT
    1 entry
    3 people
  31. 31. Learn hemonc
    1 entry
    1 person
  32. 32. Blut ist ein ganz besondrer Saft. --Goethe, 1808 (“Blood is a very special kind of fluid” )
    1 person
  33. 33. Learn Psychiatry and Psychology... at least the basics.
    1 person
  34. 34. Weigh 129 pounds again while my mind moves forward !
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    1 person
  35. 35. Study, write and publish an article in 2009... now, maybe 2010.
    1 person
  36. 36. Understand better other people without disregarding my own needs
    1 person
  37. 37. Make a home (job): decoration, friends, invite people in.
    2 entries
    1 person
  38. 38. Not yell at my husband when I need him to listen...
    1 entry
    1 person
  39. 39. ma again
    1 entry
    1 person
  40. 40. make peace with myself... or, be in peace...
    1 person
  41. 41. remember that things are not always what they seem
    1 person
  42. 42. Scuba dive (again!)
    1 entry
    62 people
  43. 43. 20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Sunday
    1 entry
    56 people

How I did it
How to volunteer in Iowa
It took me
2 months
It made me
hopeful !

How to walk , BIKE, swim, muscle training.
It took me
5 months
It made me
tired , but relaxed

How to observership October !
It took me
31 days
It made me
feel back on track

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Recent entries
20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Sunday

1. What did I learn last week?
that I need and want to be fit – through exercising…

2. What was my greatest accomplishment over the past week?
Completed 2 questions from DR

3. Which moment from last week was the most memorable and why?

4. What’s the #1 thing I need to accomplish this week?
Study… but: complete questions.

5. What can I do right now to make the week less stressful?

6. What have I struggled with in the past that might also affect the upcoming week?
procrastination it is!

7. What was last week’s biggest time sink?

8. Am I carrying any excess baggage into the week that can be dropped?
my worries.

9. What have I been avoiding that needs to get done?
s.t.u.d.y h.a.r.d.e.r…

10. What opportunities are still on the table?
studying harder… fellowship… at least graduate !

11. Is there anyone I’ve been meaning to talk to?
My dad. Talked yesterday, but not much, or didn’t really speak.

12. How can I help someone else this coming week?
keep in touch with sisters.

13. What are my top 3 goals for the next 7 days?
DR questions: 3-4 daily.

14. What are my top 3 goals for the next 3 months?
article, article 2, conquer ICU rotation, conquer ambulatory and cardiology!

15. Have any of my recent actions moved me closer to my goals?
yes, article.

16. What’s the next step for each goal?
article: Introduction

17. What am I looking forward to during the upcoming week?
moving on !

18. What are my fears?
failing. my dreams not coming true.

19. What am I most grateful for?

20. What can I do to make life more beautiful?
respect my skin… and so many other parts of my in and outside: harmony between me and myself !

List ways to feel alive... (read all 2 entries…)
... other than pressing on my skin...

using other senses:
good music
good advertisement video
good movie (which makes me feel connected)
talk to a friend ! Always !
drink water ! have you ever realized this ?
writing – becoming a little or fully aware
telling myself – out loud – what I feel like doing
what I feel
what I wish – my dream situation

pass step 3 (read all 2 entries…)

wow, it’s been a long time since I almost took this test. I postponed it. Paid for it again. Studied disproportionally less than I should or could or wanted. So many thoughts and worries happening in parallel… am I going to be able to finally take it in one month ? Yes. I will. And I am working on it. I will keep focused, I will see what happens… Everything else will be less of a priority until then. Will remember for the rest of my life: the success. Will NOT remember much in the future: the sacrifices. Period.

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