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  1. 1. make a million dollars
    641 people
  2. 2. Do a handstand
    525 people
  3. 3. Get a six pack
    3,029 people
  4. 4. Visit Vancouver
    133 people
  5. 5. Own my own home
    1,467 people
  6. 6. Live Debt Free
    166 people
  7. 7. Sell Real Estate
    29 people
  8. 8. Build my Sphere of Influence
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  9. 9. Marry Kristin...after I am out of debt...
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Didn't mean to add this

I didn’t even know what got added to my list. I checked it out and nope. I don’t want to this.

visit new york city (read all 2 entries…)

I sent an entry into my previous goal. I didn’t know this “i’ve done it” thing was right here.

visit new york city (read all 2 entries…)
Visited New york

Ha, I went to new york right before Thanksgiving with my baby. She had a business trip to make, and I went to visit her on the weekend she was there. We had a great time. Did the city pass thing, the empire state building, rockerfeller center, and almost made it on Saturday Night Live. Almost, but Yeah… one goal is down.


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