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run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
its been soo long

man o man im sick and tired of injury after injury.. if you haven’t notice i haven’t wrote in a while due to the fact that i was busy with school and work … and oo yea i had a MAJOR SHIN SPLIT. 4 wks ago i went running then i came home and i couldn’t walk . it was painful bc i had to live my life walking and feelin like a knife was rubbing against my leg . went to 3 different doc ( sports, er, and othro) and they told me to REST RICE. my parents took away my elliptical ( even though i go to the gym ) and ive been walkin ( sloooowww as hell ) but pretty soon ill be back and runnin. im just POED bc i just got over a stress fracture and now this ( o well take the bad with the good) . i mb down at the moment but i am not out :)

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
Intermediate Level

so far i’ve been running everyother day ( due to the fact that i run 10-14 miles each time and my ankel just got better ) so ive been ct for those days by elliptical, dancing, yoga ( i never knew how flexable i was :p) , and kick boxin. im gettin mor define which is good.

as for my runnin perfomance.. well lets just say that im at where i was 5 months ago … my body is not used to it since it had the luxory of a) going to the bathroom at anytime ( u all know what thst means) . b) having a drink at all times c) not havin to deal with the ambiance of the ouside ( streets, cars , people etc.) since i did most of my work outs at home . but my discapline is gettin much better . my time is slower :( ( but what can u expect i mean im just gettin back to using 2 legs) .

im not as good as i was at my peak ( being with time/milage ),however im happy bc im on track :) and it will help me to not only get back to where i was , but to be better at it :)

remeber keep strong and keep running ( no matter what )

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
goin for the track

i decided to join track so that way i can a) have running more organize in my life b) make running more productive and c) not to over do it . i cant wait :)

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
goin strong

went for a run today since tues . did 10 miles and i will run in 3 day ( keepin this schedual up for recovery of fracture until 100% healed)

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
gona give myself a rest

usually i run everyday, however in order for me to not over do it again i am forcin myself a break ( i know but my ankle is not 100% healed) . so today i did the elliptical for 2 hrs and 30 mins ( i just out on music and go and i forget abt the time until the end) . i ran 3x this wekk most was 5miles and tomrrow will be 6 :)

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
im bacccccccccck :)

ok so after 6 weeks of no runnin ( due to being in a cast for a major stress fracture) i ran a 5k this morning :)
what the 6 weeks have taught me was that no to over do it bc i was running around 100mpw and no breaks ( highly addttictive)

so during the course of the no run break i strated to work on my upper body by wieghts , abdominals, yoga ( with only one leg mind u lol ) and for cardio the elliptical and walking

it really help me portion out my body bc before hand only my legs were strong but now i have some biceps , tricep, and a 6 pack going on :) ( and will help me better with my runnin)

now i must work on my other leg bc it shrunk ( due to it being in a cast ) so now it is 2x smaller then my left
anyway i am happy to be running again and this time im going to be smarter and NOT overdo it

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
week 2

ok so it has been 2 weeks of no runnin :( ( cast/injury )

i am being so good, however i have been power walking 20-25mpw ( or as much as my ankel can handel ) so that way i still get the nature feel of runnin and i ve been doing the 2-3hrs on the elliptical ( better then nada ) for the extreme sweat/ cardio

i still follow my exercise routine as i would have for running for example

at 6am i would go for a 10-13mile run
now its 6am-8am on elliptical

then i would take it easy on some days wend and friday
and saturday i usaully do 20 + miles now i do 3hrs on elliptical on the max resitence

and also after that i would walk 1-5miles ( depends on how i feel)

i still get emotional when i see runners , and me in a cast bc going from runnin 3 marathons , 100mpw, being at my peak
and then this broken ankel, 20mpw walkin , havin a cast on no fun ( i want to be out there hittin the trails instead of cast walkin it which is slower )

but i will run again and i cant wait :)!!!!

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
one week has pass

so one week has past and so far i am doing ok ( didnt jump off the band wagon yet :P )

i still get depressed abt not running ( due to broken ankel) from time to time but i read that everyone has a running hault so :)

also ive been walking 3-6 miles everyday ( i can do that :) but im walking a 11min/mile pace ) without pain :) and using the elliptical 2-3hrs a day to keep fit and keep my usual cardio routine

im mad that i lost 2lbs ( meanin muscel ) it took a long time to get gain the wieght and turn it into muscel but o well

anyway 1 down hopefully 1 more to go :)

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
no runnin day 3

ok ok so far so good my depression is slowly decreasing :)

so today i did 2hrs on the elliptical and i went on a 3mile hike :)

my ankel is gettiing better but it still hurts when i walk ( i took it easy on the hike so it wasnt painful but on the last block i felt it)

basically ive been home i went to work yesterday ( wasnt suppose to but i live in NYC and i am broke so i need the money ) and they let me sit the whole time and i only worked for 5hrs so that was good ( usually im running on the floor and doing 9hr shifts)

so see how im am working with the cast im still basically bein me ( beside the running ) and learning new things :)

lets see how tomrrow gose

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
im much calmer.. and i will learn

now since I Cant run ( forced not my choice ) ive been doin others things

i did 2 and a half hours on the elliptical to compensate the cardio and affect of running ( it works plus it wont strain my muscle plus when i start really running it will be easy since the elliptical works the same muscle ) :)

then as friends and family told me i should hike ( even though ill be alot slower bc ill be basically working on my left leg but it is still worth it)

lifting weights and abdominals ( crunches sit ups , etc. ) so i can gain more arm muscle so when i get back into runnin ill have more upper body strength

i wont let this cast bring me down , make me lazy ( no excuse ) nor let it get the best of me

instead im going to learn from it and that is never take things for granted, LISTEN to your BODY! , anythin can happen and it only takes a second to change your life completely ( trust me it happened to me in other aspects too ) , take the time to learn new things about ur self ( different exercise ) , compensate ( elliptical hey it is sooo much better then nothin as of now )

and not to over do it

well im off im going to work and im feelin better mb if i remain optimistic and heal properly i can get back into runnin in 3 weeks :) :) ( last time i healed very fast the doctor was surprise he said a month ad it only took 2 weeks and i was using the elliptical so :) )

cant wait and i want to thank the site and everyone for inspiration and supports

were all runners here ( no matter how far , fast , or much ) it is about gettin out there and doin it . and if our running comes to a halt ( due to injury or illness) it will not stop our runnin completely

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)

on June 15 2007 Julianne will no longer run ( for 5 weeks, let hope sooner) due to the fact that she is in a….......CAST!!!!

im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pist that i dunno what to say

thank god i can use the ellpitcal and walk but noo running NO NO NO NO NO i hate this i cant

i know that i have to take the bad with the good but to me this is a death sentence ( or at least hell on earth)

i know once the cast is off , i will run agian but i feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo horrible

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
running attempt #1

ok so after my sprained my ankel i decide to give the running another try today .

well i did 13 miles in get ready for this 2hrs and 10 mins ( very pathetic for me im usually 30mins faster ) but it was bc i had to go very slow and basically was running on one leg ( my left and let me tell you it is hard bc all the weight is on one leg not two and i was resting at some points bc my ankel was starting to hurt .

anyway i was going a little faster and pain free until i heard my fibula poped so i just kept on the one leg and the pain eventually went away

when i got home i did 30mins on my ellpitcal bc i did not break a sweat ( i swear it was very easy cardio on my heart )

my ankel is better ( i guess from the runnin , rest ,ice and ct)

i know that people will say why u did it , r u crazy, u should of rest ( in which i did yesterday and then today after my “run” ) , and let me tell u why bc i love to run i dont want to stop ( i will if absoulutely necesscary ), and nothing will stop me

tomrrow is ct day and rest ( unless i cant walk then running for me but i know that i need to rest ( athelics are terribly stubborn people when it come to thier exercise/ routine ) and hen saturday will be ld run or 16miles ( depending on foot ( hoping for ld bc i love it ) but well see

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)

im am upset bc i cant go on my interview today ( due to sprain ankel ) .

its ironic bc it is a job that i really want ( i get to run :) and take care of animals what could be better :) ) . so i called them and they said that i can come in on moday :) ( i still wanted it today though i was ssoooooooo lookin foward to it that is why i am mad)

anyway im RICEing it and I have my ankel brace on ( yes this had happened before and the doctor gave me this so :) ) probably by tomrrow it should better and if i can run i will call thm and say IM READY :)

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
10 verrrrrrrrrrry slowwwwwwwww miles

so today i went for a nice run before my runnin interview. at frist was kick ass and then on mile 3 i sprained my ankel :O * greatttt) . at frist i was like whatever i stope walked for a min then kept going on mile 5 i stoped bc i felt a sharp pain :( ( i almosted cryed but i metaphorically kick my slef in the head and kept going ) . after that i went verry slow doin a 9:45 min/mile pace and instead of finishing in 1:10 mins i finshed in 1:30 mins ( hey on a bad ankel wit no ibphrophine or no brace not bad ) .

anyway i came home and ice it and took 6 motrin ( only time i ever use drugs is for running ) so i can run ( easy until tomrrow ) it will be an easy interview 35mins so im happy :)

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
more muscel + 30

and also ( sorry for all the bloggin but im havin a really good runnin affect this week ) i gained 3lbs :) which means more muscels which is excellent for me

and i am decreasing my milage by 10% because im tapering for my big 30 on sat ( big run day )

my life long goal is to do an ultra 100 miles run . experts say it is the best thing that they did :)

P.S this is my last blog for the day i swear :P

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
gettin paid to run !!!

guess who has a runnin interview tomrrow !

im soo hapy today i went on an interview for run for paws basicaaly all you do is run with doggies all day . they look for avergae to elite runners

so i got the inetrview they like what they heard and now tomrrow i get to run with them :) :)

wish me luck :)

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
my first toenail

today i did an easy run and when i came home my right toenail fell off :) . im soo proud

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
Salt Success!!

Im am very pleased with the salt trick , it actually works :) .

i was a bit nervous at first bc i have acid reflux ( making me more suspectable to nausea) , and i was feeling sick this morning ( as usual but it subsides and im accustom to it)

but when i read all those blogs from famous ultra runners saying that it helps them bc it increaes ur blood plasma and put back in pure sodium . i said why not

so the night before i put in 2 tsp of salt in my Furit 2o Hydration ( with vitamans and all) and mixed it up ( ps it is not that tastey unless u have a beach mouth :P )

however i drank it ( the ultra runers say to drink 3 gulps at 3-5miles or every 30mins bc u dont want to have too much salt ) also i recommend u buy or have another bottle with no salt so u can hydrated.

anyway i am happy 26miles and no nausea !!!! ( it is a first bc all the time i get ill even on 13miles ) so if it can work for me it can work for all of u :) :) ( higly reccomended)

remeber keep strong and keep running

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
i am not a wimp !

that is what i told myself when i went bcak up the steep hill that made me go mental on my first marathon run . see when i hit mile 22 that hill made me cry inside so i decided not to run it for a week to calm myself down. however i was doing a half marathon today and instead of going up the hill that made me have a mini panic attack, i was going to use the streets (same distance just different pavement /incline as the hill) , but my brain is like ” u wimp ur takin the easy way out ” i was like o yeah , and i did the steep hill and u know what HA :) ! it was great wasnt at all bad, and im proud of my self bc i never gave up .

o and yeaa i was reading up on stomach discomfrot during those long runs and alot of elite runners say that to prevent nausea they say that salt or ginger will help and prevent it ( 95% sucess according to stats) , and do not take in alot of sugar or gatorade ( they say no to those bc of the suagr) bc it will make it worse .

keep strong and keep running

run a marathon (read all 45 entries…)
13 miles in the rain

so yesterday i decided to run in the rain .

and let me tell you it was fun/intresting
i was the only person outside ( that was nice )
i only saw spects ( i wear glasses)
i must of steped into 100 puddles/ponds
i never felt hot / sweaty so that was good
my clothes were wieght down by water
my skin felt well hydrated ( so didnt need much water)
the misty air ( the rain was slowly stopping went from down pour to light drizzle ) was beautiful on my lungs

it was a challenged bc it was raining hard but i felt good bc i love to push it :)

however 1hr later it was sunny so i went for a 5mile powerwalk to reflect :)

but i am pleased :)

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