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  1. 1. Win An Ipod
    149 people
  2. 2. Fall in love
    27,237 people
  3. 3. take belly dancing lessons
    116 people
  4. 4. find my "lobster"
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smile more
Ok so I'm just a generally smiley person..

But I do find that it is a confidence booster. Once you work the nerve up to look at someone passing on the street and throw them a smile, you walk just a little bit straighter with your head held just a little bit higher…..think about what would happen if you did it to more than one person you passed :P

Get a tattoo
I have 2

One was for fun and one was to cover a birthmark….I love them both…I have had Moments of doubt about my first one but they dont last too long…they’re great conversation pieces and an awesome way to express yourself….you just need to make sure you 1. pick one you like 2. pick one you will like in 50 years

Make love.

I’ve made love and had sex…trust me, theres a difference…

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