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  1. 1. Eat healthier
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    11,191 people
  2. 2. Keep the house clean
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  3. 3. Get kids to sleep in their own bed
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  4. 4. Limit family's TV and video games
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  5. 5. Pay off my truck
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  6. 6. Pay off all my credit cards
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  7. 7. Learn Spanish
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  8. 8. Help my wife lose weight
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  9. 9. Teach my son to read
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  10. 10. Start my own software company
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  11. 11. Workout every day
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  12. 12. Buy a bigger house
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Recent entries
Help my wife lose weight
Tracking calories

I printed out a food tracking worksheet and asked my wife to write down everything she eats (same eating habits). I am pretty certain she’s eating more calories than she believes she is, because I know I do.

eat healthier
Mmm carots

Its not that I need to lose weight, but I want to avoid health issues when I’m older and have more energy today. Right now I’m snacking on carrots, I forgot how good they taste.


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