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  1. 1. get contacts
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  2. 2. Fix my teeth
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  3. 3. love myself for who i am
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  4. 4. Not care what other people think
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  5. 5. run 2 miles without stopping
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run 2 miles without stopping (read all 2 entries…)

Well I was on lap numero 6 when I stopped when I went running the other day. Ima go tonight and see if I could improve on that

run 2 miles without stopping (read all 2 entries…)

I’ve been running since April (The conditioning coach for Tennis made us run 2 miles…with a 15 minute break in between though). I feel a lot more fit because of it, but I want to do 2 miles.

I’ve been going to the HS track at 7 every night to run, and so far I can only do 1 1/4 miles without stopping. I just look so forward to finishing that next lap that I have to stop. It’s hard to keep on going when you start breathing really heavily and your heart is pounding.

I’m in shape, but I don’t have the greatest endurance. Hopefully I’ll achieve this one before the end of summer

Not care what other people think
It's easier said than done

I know that people aren’t judging you when you act your complete self, but I feel like the way you act casts you in a type they may not like. I hate not being liked by someone so I tend to be reserved at first when meeting new people. I take every small comment about me to heart, and sometimes it can hurt. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have lots of friends I act myself around. It’s just that I want to be myself around every body. I care what people think about what I wear, what I do, etc. This has held me back a little. I’ve improved lots this past year in achieving this goal. I just want to keep working on it. I know I can do it. It’ll just take some time…

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