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  1. 1. adopt a dog from a shelter.
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  2. 2. design a restaurant
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  3. 3. plant a vegetable garden
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  4. 4. be more earth Friendly
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  5. 5. find true love
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  6. 6. travel somewhere exotic
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  7. 7. find a job i love
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  8. 8. send more thank you notes
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  9. 9. ride an elephant
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  10. 10. bake more cookies
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  11. 11. have more fun
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travel somewhere exotic

I’m thinking about going on a cruise to The Bahamas, but I’m not sure if that counts as exotic.

plant a vegetable garden
past gardening failures

This past summer I was very excited to start a garden. I dig up a patch of the lawn and planted lettuce, broccoli, and peas. I figured I would start off small. Everything started to grow and I thought I was doing really well until we had some deer in the neighborhood that ate everything. My broccoli plants were about a foot high one day and chomped down to two inches the next. I thought some might grow back, but they never did. I pulled out the remains of my plants and decided to plant some tomato plants since I heard they were easy and deer won’t eat them. I was thrilled to see that the plants began growing tiny little green tomatoes pretty quickly. They got really big really fast, but then they never turned red. They were still green and hard as rocks. Its October and getting cold, and none of them have turned red and some have even started to rot. I have no idea what happened, but I am now determined to grow something, anything next spring.

adopt a dog from a shelter.

I used to have a shih tzu but he passed away last October, almost a year ago and my house feels empty and strange without a dog in it. I’ve always had a dog, so this is new and weird to me. I would like to help a dog in need by adopting from a shelter, I feel that one of the best things anyone can do for a living being is to give it a loving home. I visit shelters on a regular basis, but I’m waiting until I find my perfect canine match.

I was at a shelter today and met a miniature pinscher named Jersey. She was so tiny and skinny and it was fairly cold in the kennel, so she was shaking. Her previous owners gave her up because they didn’t have enough time to care for a dog. My heart broke for her. I would have loved to take her home that minute, but I need to get the rest of my family on board first, which could be difficult.


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