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  1. 1. tell a crush they are your crush
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  2. 2. get into harvard
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  3. 3. become an anesthesiologist
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  4. 4. go to europe
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  5. 5. be fluent in French
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  6. 6. carpe diem
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get straight A's
You can do it!

It’s easy really. All you do is pay attention in class, and turn in all your assignments! Good luck =)!

loose 30lbs
...loosing weight!

I play soccer. Bleh, I’m 159ish, last year I lost a lot of weight I went from 188 to 155, as you can see I gained 4lbs over the winter lol. I hope to loose 30 more pounds. Soccer season is just started, so lets get to loosing! My typical meals include:
Breakfast- Cereal or Hot Chocolate
Lunch- 100 calorie snack packs and Iced Tea, the bottled on the go kind.
Diner- Regular meal, sometimes fast food, when I really want to loose weight I eat Chicken noodle soup (the big containers are only 140 calories for the whole thing!) And to drink…more Iced tea, the Arizona kind.

A smaller lunch lets me indulge a little more for diner. I got used to eating a smaller meal for lunch. Also, I excersize for 1 hr & 1/2 5 times a week, because of soccer. So hopefull I’ll loose weight! Some really good diet pills that I think helped me loose all that weight are Heritage Health products. GOOD luck with your weight loss!!!

become an anesthesiologist
I can't wait.

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a doctor. So why not one of the best payed professions, right? I’m not creative at all. So show me the money! Lol… I sound so greedy, but hey that’s life. I can’t wait for Med school!

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