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Become known to everyone!

Well, if everyone knew me then i could make the world a better place. Everyone would beleive in the Lord. Everyone would be happy and i would be happy too!!!!!!!!


Be a famous soccer player and travel to many places
Soccer Player

You should want to play soccer because it is the best sport. If u are out of shape, soccer will get you back in. If you are over weight, with soccer you can be fit. If you don’t do a sport then you definately need to. It doesn’t even have to be soccer! Just get out there and go play!


Live for Jesus Christ
My Goal in Life

The simplest thing in life is to live for Jesus Christ and we take it as the most difficult thing. I’m trying to change that, and i know that i can with God’s help. Please, if you are not a Christian keep reading this. If you don’t have Christ in your life you might as well have nothing because He gave you everything you need…I’m only twelve, but i know i can make a difference. The Lord IS real and he forgave you for everything you have ever done when he died on the cross. If you still don’t beleive, read the Bible, it will tell you the truth. I wouldn’t be doing this if i didn’t care about everyone, the thought of anyone going to hell makes me cry. If you want to be a Christian,get saved, or go to church, please do. Don’t be shy or even scared, just do what your heart tells you and listen to the words that i’m saying because i love you and i want u to love God. I hope i can make a difference and if you are with me then spread this to as many people as possible.

May God Bless You,


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