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  1. 1. becoming a mermaid
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  2. 2. how to get your tail
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  3. 3. powers
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  4. 4. Mermaid Powers
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  5. 5. Mermaids
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  6. 6. tail and powers
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  7. 7. Spells for mermaids!
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  8. 8. kill myself
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  9. 9. Fall in love
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Fall in love

I found love at 12, sounds sad.. but its true, we were together for 3 years, and i looked up to him like he was a parent. He took care of me on most nights, and spent days in the summer with me. his friends didnt like me, or saw intrest, they thought i was something they could have fun with, fun as in.. sexual intercourse. it came to a day wherre his friend forced me, me and bradley never got back together after that.. now i dont really trust any man. i dont know how to love, or trust.. i’ve daydreamed about falling in love? but i’v never really fallen in love after that..

becoming a mermaid

who knows a spell i can use to become a mermaid?


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