learn to let stuff go

Maybe it’s because I’m a Taurus, but I have been known to have trouble letting things go… the past is past, time to move on!

be a better parent
don't want to ever hear my mother's words coming out of my mouth...

I’m a good mom. Actually, I think I’m a very good mom. But, as in all things, there’s always room to be better. I want to continue to grow as a parent, and learn from my amazingly wonderful daughter. I want to always be mindful of the impact of my choices on my daughter, and I want to do this in a spirit of love and joy—for myself, for my daughter, and for all the people in our lives.

I want to always make parenting choices that I can feel proud of. Even in the heat of the moment. Even @ 3am after the 27th wake-up in a row.

start a non-profit organization
tired of people being hungry

My city has no comprehensive food security policy. I want to change that. It will be tricky, because there are lots of people with a stake in this particular area of “poverty alleviation” (not that they’re making much headway in alleviating poverty, of course)... I think that the solution is to create a non-profit lobbying group that pushes hard for policy that it then ensures is put into practice, to the benefit of all hungry people.

Get a new job
time for a change...

I made a major life shift when I took my current job, and I love it. But, I feel like I’ve maxed out the potential of the job, and it’s time to find one where I can take the next steps, professionally speaking. The trick is that my current job really resonates with my priorities: it’s family friendly, has great benefits, has a real social justice focus, and is close enough to my home that I don’t require a car. Fortunately, I live in a large urban area, so I should at least be able to find another job that keeps me green (environmentally, that is)... now, I just have to find the rest of the pieces. :)



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