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considering Canada for a year

I am considering moving to Canada for a year and renting a cabin. I will bring 1 month of food and have enough money for 12 months just in case. I want to hunt and fish but have emergency funds. Maybe if I enjoy it I will live there indefinitely. Lemme know if someone is interested in doing this sometime in the next 5 years.

Walk across America

Early spring of 2014 me(17 from Michigan), Paul(same age from Scotland) and my cousin are gonna set out for the Appalachian Trail. My cousin only wants to go for the AT but me and Paul are going on. We have no time frame, just like Peter Jenkins in his must read book “A Walk Across America”. If you wanna join or plan in with me and Paul lemme know at!

live in the wild (read all 4 entries…)
still alive

So me now just me and Paul 100%. Been in contact with others but not sure. If you want to plan with me lemme know, just make sure you can wait til 2014 and later cuz me and Paul are gonna backpack America first. Email me at

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