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  1. 1. Get My Masters in Counseling
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  2. 2. pass the CBEST
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  3. 3. wake up earlier
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  4. 4. volunteer at a nursing home
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  5. 5. save for retirement
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  6. 6. write better
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  7. 7. get a boob job
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  8. 8. Buy another House
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  9. 9. exercise everyday
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  10. 10. finish my scrapbook
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How to be a great wife
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be a great wife
Being a great wife

I believe you have to compromise with your spouse, listen and be very attentive. I noticed last year after having my second child that my husband admit to me that I paid more attention to the boys than to him. He was sick one day and said I didn’t take care of him. He would occasionally comment that I don’t listen to him. Well, I finally realized that I have to be a great listener and pay attention to him. I noticed that men are like children too in a way that they also want attention. I did take my husband for granted!!!! I think it’s difficult to balance everything out (children, work, husband, etc) I would also recommend, buying him that he likes. It doesn’t have to be expensive, example: favorite candy, sports collection, etc.

I have done that this year and I have noticed my husband being greatful and happy. So, the key factors are:

1) listen
2) attentive
3) communicate
4) affectionate
5) compromise

Good luck!!!! :)

pass the CBEST
Need to pass

I need to pass the CBEST. I barely passed the reading section. I’m planning to take it October 12th. any ideas?

wake up earlier
How to wake-up early

Hi all,
I’ve been having a difficult time waking up earlier. I need to do it, so I can do some house chores, read the bible, and exercise. Any tips guys?

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