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How to learn more about photography
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5 weeks
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How to develop ravishing confidence (that has backbone)
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11 years
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How to get fit
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1 year
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do the Resolution Run (read all 11 entries…)
first two

The first two fun runs are already completed for the season. I’m not sure they were really runs though – the Santa run (which in the heat is a test of endurance more than anything) and the Colour Run (more of a shuffle than a run).

The first serious actual run of the season is coming up in 3 WEEKS! I can’t believe it’s so soon. I’ve been hitting the gym a fair bit to try to build fitness for it. I still think I’m in the “shuffle/walk” category but if I can shuffle a little longer than walk, I’ll be happy. :-)

learn more about photography (read all 2 entries…)

3 weeks in to a photography course. Having lots of fun and learning a lot! Really glad I took this on.

Visit a foreign city for every letter of the alphabet

Few gaps…

A – Apia
B – Brisbane, Bangkok
C – Canberra
D – Denpasar, Dili
E –
F –
G – Gisborne
H – Ha Noi
I –
J – Jakarta
K – Kuching, Kuala Lumpur
L – Lenakel
M – Maret, Melbourne, Mata Mata
N – New York
O – Orlando
P – Pante Macassar
Q – Queenstown (Australia and NZ)
R – Richmond
S – Surat Thani
T – Tokyo
U – Udiapur
V – Vancouver
W – Whangarei
X –
Y – Yakushima Island
Z -

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