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  1. 1. write a children's book
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  2. 2. grow my hair long
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  3. 3. Get more sleep
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  4. 4. visit all 50 states
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  5. 5. Lose 35Lbs. and keep it off
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  6. 6. build muscle
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  7. 7. declutter my life
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  8. 8. design my own backyard landscaping
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  9. 9. go on a cruise
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  10. 10. set up an art studio and sell my art
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  11. 11. Achieve the 100-pushup challenge
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  12. 12. visit every ocean in the world
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  13. 13. stop being afraid of being out of control
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  14. 14. look good in a bikini
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  15. 15. stop procrastinating
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  16. 16. learn another language
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  17. 17. learn to play the ukulele
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Recent entries
Achieve the 100-pushup challenge

I’m in week two currently of the 100-pushup challenge! I’ve already gone from being able to do 2 pushups to 6+ in 2 weeks – surely 100 is not too far off? ;)

Have a beautiful wedding at home
Planning our wedding :D

After 5 years of dating and 2.5 living together, we’re engaged and planning a small wedding to be held at the house we just bought. This goal is pretty much guaranteed to be reached by May 2009 – and I can hardly wait!

run a marathon
Definitely worth doing!

My first marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2005, in Washington, DC. I trained w/Team in Training and raised money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – within 5 months I went from “Never ran a day in my life…” to “Running 3x/week” and ultimately to “Marathon Finisher”. I HIGHLY recommend getting involved in a running group – having someone there to bug you about your running and check in with your progress really made a difference in my training.

Running that marathon was a huge endeavor for me, and I think I’d do it again – especially now that enough time has passed that I can’t remember how much it hurt to get out of bed the next morning! ;) Good luck to all you out there training & congrats to my fellow marathon finishers! :)


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