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  1. 1. become a teacher
    1,449 people
  2. 2. learn to cook more things
    36 people
  3. 3. Win a lindy hop competition
    2 people
  4. 4. record a demo
    92 people
  5. 5. see Aurora Borealis
    144 people
  6. 6. get into grad school
    402 people
  7. 7. scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
    1 cheer
    279 people
  8. 8. become fluent in spanish
    1 cheer
    2,510 people
  9. 9. Swim with dolphins
    8,300 people
  10. 10. hike half dome
    113 people
  11. 11. Read my Bible more
    558 people
  12. 12. volunteer with rape crisis
    3 people
  13. 13. publish a book of poetry
    1 cheer
    364 people
  14. 14. learn to SCUBA dive
    2,697 people
  15. 15. find a cure for cancer
    166 people
  16. 16. go hot air ballooning
    136 people
  17. 17. Have Kids
    3,563 people
  18. 18. Get married....and STAY married
    506 people
  19. 19. Go skiing
    873 people
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travel alone

It’s good in some ways to travel alone, cos then you don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself on your trip. However, you have to be really prepared, and it’s still hard not to rely on others for any help at all, as far as directions, etc. When I travelled alone, I still needed a lot of help from others, and it was cool that most everyone was really nice and helpful when I needed it. :)

travel by train

On the east coast, it’s not so bad, because Amtrak owns the tracks over there so they don’t have to stop and get permission to go on the tracks every now and then. But if you want to travel on the west coast, do NOT take the train unless you want a LONG trip – delay after delay happens, and freight trains take priority over passenger trains. :/

boogie board

This is a lot of fun! You’ve got to get the timing right with the waves, but other than that, it’s easy! I went last week at Cayucos here in California. _

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