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  1. 1. get a better job
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  2. 2. learn to cook
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  3. 3. let the past go
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  4. 4. eat sensibly
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  5. 5. be more articulate
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  6. 6. win an argument
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  7. 7. lose 10 pounds
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  8. 8. learn German
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  9. 9. become fluent in French
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  10. 10. volunteer
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  11. 11. find out what I believe
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  12. 12. go to grad school
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  13. 13. go back to Europe
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  14. 14. be more confident
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How I did it
How to change my hair
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5 months
It made me

How to start to sing again
It took me
3 months
It made me

How to go rock climbing
It took me
30 days
It made me

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Learn to cook (read all 4 entries…)
Week #3

Chicken Marsala
Pasta w/alfredo sauce (from scratch)

This was… mostly as success. I am going to say that the Chicken Marsala is very expensive to prepare. At least, it was the recipe I used. It required both Marsala wine and cooking sherry, which was an investment. I did not use mushrooms, since the SO hates them, but it still turned out well with my substitute of garlic and spinach and onions. It took longer to cook through than it said. I may or may not have accidentally sprayed hot oil at people while I was flipping the chicken. Watch out for that…

The pasta turned out well, mostly handled by the boy. The sauce was a bit thick, we just need to make sure we watch how long and how high the thing is simmering.

Profiteroles! Inspired by a taste of these at an Italian restaurant. Ours turned out too big, I think, but still good. Don’t listen to the advice to store them in the fridge for eating within a few hours. Always in the freezer so the ice cream filling doesn’t melt.

Learn to cook (read all 4 entries…)
Week #2

This week:
-Italian Cannellonnis
-Apple pie

This was a complete and utter success. I don’t know how, but it turned out beautifully, even given how hard the Cannellonnis were to make, and how long it took. I made twelve of them, there were four of us, they were gone in 15 minutes. That’s the best compliment to the chef, right? I highly recommend trying the recipe for this, which can be found at allrecipes.com under “Italian Baked Cannellonni.” You’ll have to have about an hour on your hands to prepare it, though, be warned. I did have a bit of help from the SO on one of the sauces, but I did the rest all by myself. WHOOT. ME.

Apple pie- again from allrecipes.com. “Grandma Ople’s Apple pie.” The sugar/butter mixture is the unique part about it, and it is divine. I would recommend adding some cinnamon to the sugar mixture, though. I did, and it made it even better. Also, do it with lattice work on the top rather than a straight cover. The apples and the sugar mixture come out even better if you do that. Again, was devoured over the course of one evening. Except one piece that I’m having when I get home, I hope. Mmmm.

This coming week:
- I am going to continue my adventures with beef. I make too much chicken.
- Dessert: to be picked by the SO, since he doesn’t like apple pie and indulged me when I made it anyway for the rest of the house.

be more articulate
Because I'm too old not to

I’m not a teenager anymore. I don’t need to get anyone to like me by speaking the way they do. It isn’t “condescending,” to choose your words carefully and express yourself in a mature way. Not anymore. Words/phrases to eliminate: “like,” “you know,” “you know what I’m saying?”, “totally,” (unless in jest). Find alternatives to: “awesome,” and “amazing.” Limit use of, “oh my god,” and swear words- except where entirely appropriate. Also, there is no need to squirm, make cute faces, use a girlishly high voice to seem less threatening, or make fun of myself when attempting to express my feelings. Use more varied vocabulary, try to find alternatives to adjectives, don’t be afraid to thrown in the ten cent words if they are appropriate.

Self posession: I want to has it.

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