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become a mermaid (read all 2 entries…)
New mermaid spell!!!!!

3)The following ingredients are needed
to cast becoming a mermaid

1 drawing of the tail you want
bleesed bath water (you have to be in it)
a necklace

to make you a mermaid in 3 days !!

put on the necklace sit in the water put the drawing on your legs hum an your song and say: “i want a tail now please spirts let me have it” ever time you where the necklace u will be turned into a mermaid

how can i hold my breathe under water longer?
how can i hold my breath longer?

Just in case the mermaid spell doesn’t let you hold your breath a long time i wanna know how to do it.

to CHOOSE when i turn into a mermaid
I want to choose when my mermaid tail comes.

I’ve always wanted to become a mermaid, but i need a spell that will let me CHOOSE when i become a mermaid. Its a waste living in the Caribbean and not being able to swim.

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