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learn sign language
I use to know it

I seen a girl the other day who couldn’t communicate with the store lady what she wanted. That broke my heart. I use to know but as they say “if you don’t use it, you loose it!” So I’be decided to learn this again and hopefully this time I won’t forget. A way I practice, doing my spanish word in sign-language. Maybe somehow, I’ll get the hang of both!

Improve my cooking skills and range by Febraury 2007
Good Goal!

Good goal! I’ve actually tried this and its definately worth it. Go online to get some great ideas. I even joined a cooking club online! They send you magazines and free products to try. Awesome. Something I really got into this year, Pita Bread. You can stuff anything in them. Beef for Philly’s or Even make Tacos (which were fantastic by the way!) I hope you reach your goal. My new goal, learn to cook chinese that I can actually eat (which means, some didn’t turn out to be edible!!!) LOL!

communicate with my mate!
Communication with Your love is the KEY!

I know, your all saying, he’s too shy, she naggs too much, he’s got issues, she’s not willing to see things my way! Been through all that. But marriage and dating are both fun and exciting. Like everything else in life, they take hard work, but it’s all worth it. When you get along with your love, then everything else falls into place. You smile more, you stress less, and getting some stuff off your back nicely makes that person change as well! I love my baby and I never wanna loose him. IF you love yours, make communication a real goal! You’ll love him/her more and more everyday!

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