He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own

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  1. 1. set 10 small smart goals
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How I did it
How to get my black belt
It took me
1 year
It made me

How to be a teacher
It took me
1 year
It made me

How to write 100 tips from my russian teacher
It took me
3 years
It made me

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9. the 4 hour workweek
10. the happiness project-gretchin rubin
11. happier at home-gretchin rubin
12. the prophet-kahil Gibran
13. why people fail – simon Reynolds
14. dancing through it- Jennifer ringer
15. the magic-Rhonda bryne
16. the personal MBA -Josh Kaufman
17. Feel the fear and do it anyway
18. the brain that changed itself-norman doidge
19. around the writers block
20. the confidence to be yourself

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1. peacock feathers
2. cheer bomb
3. pyramid shaped tea
4. interesting book : the brain that changed itself
5. Louis Hay workbook

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