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  1. 1. get over him
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  2. 2. workout every day
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  3. 3. forgive
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  4. 4. Kiss in the rain
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  5. 5. make a documentary
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  6. 6. look up words i don't know
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  7. 7. look good, feel good
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date a football player

him being a football player had little to do with it.
The thing with these guys, if theyre serious about the sport, is that it is their first love. Their only love.

therefor, ladies, dont chase em. If he is gaga over you and chasing you down the street, ok maybe. But still, ask him if he’s for real, if he’s not just having a moment of weakness by forgetting the ball.

Cause being told “sorry, I gotta play football, I cant do this” hurttss!!

look good, feel good

I never think I look good, until months later, when I look at the pictures, and I almost look like someone else, THEN I say to myself “damn im hot! Im not half as bad as I thought!”
But always, always, in the moment i feel fat and ugly. It’s got to stop.

I want to feel good, look good, and know it!! I want to be grateful for my inner joy and peace and grateful for my beautiful body!

look up words i don't know

I think it’s so so cool when I’m with someone and they hear/read a word they dont know and then look it up. Or hear about a person or place they dont know and look it up.

i figure i can be this cool, too!!
from now on, if there’s a word I dont know and i have a dictionary or computer close… ITS BEING LOOKED UP!!!

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