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  1. 1. experience ego death
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  2. 2. Anthropolgy, Nueropharmacologist/Chemist
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become a great cook

I’m not an egoist, I only state what my profession is, and I like to think that i’m very good at what I do. I work in professional kitchens, and if you want to do it like that, start washing dishes and read, read, read and read some more, score an apprenticeship or two. Then, prepare to have your ass handed to you on a nightly basis,especially holidays-be prepared to grab your ankles and get ready. Cooking professionally is THE MOST LABOUR INTENSIVE career one can have. You truly must seriously manic or really high everyday to want this life. Do yourself a favor before you even think of Culinary School, work in a kitchen or two, read Kitchen Confidential, oh and if you decide on formal culinary training, it’s not worth the cash, seriously. Check out the American Culinary Federation, and score yourself a few apprenticeships, work your way up like most of us have, if you’ve got drive, stamina, a cool attitude and creativity-you’ll make it. If you come into this world, and it’s nothing like anything else, come prepared and ready for some truly hard work, long hours, little to no breaks, and it’s gets better from there. Accept it or leave. that’s the bottom line-you gotta have dedication.

Anthropolgy, Nueropharmacologist/Chemist
Why Anthropology?

I’ve been fascinated with Psilocybe cubensis and the Azr=tec/Mixtec/Toltecs and Mayans since I was a 6th grader. I was in health class and had to write a report based upon an article from a science journal for pre-teens. Well, I found an article that said these mushrooms could induce such a profound change and that they called it God’s Flesh? Well, I was already way ahead of my age regarding history, and later as I became a sponge for anything related to humanities, consciousness, nuerotransmitters, psychpharmacology, and chemistr, and herbalism plus the occult. This seems to me to be what I always said I wanted to be.I think there’s just something so fascinating about living, observing how others interact. Try it-go to a bar, drink tonic, and observe. It’s amazing..even without any type of entheogen(although it’s humorous!)

experience ego death
Still trying to find the best method.

I can’t really ever say that I have truly experienced ego death-I look forward to it. I have been lost in my head on LSD at the age of 18, but I was fearful and agressive because of my loss(of identity perhaps?) I’m not even sure if that’s ego death, but I’m trying to learn more. This is a huge goal for me, and I understand how painful it can be, and that I’m in no way prepared yet. I think about it almost everyday, I talk about it too much, but for some reason I feel I need it. Hmmm, perhaps that’s why I’m so into sham,ns and mushrooms since I was like in 6th grade? I’d love any suggestions. Are there any other methods other than entheogens or asceticism?


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