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Hmm. . . kind of amazing

Here’s the thing. I have binged and purged several times a day for years. Yeeeears. Except for the two times I have been in inpatient treatment. Every once in a while I have had a day here or there where I don’t, usually because I am sick (actually sick, not self-induced, ha ha).

But last week I was on vacation with my boyfriend – for just 3 1/2 days and I didn’t binge or purge at all. Three solid days. Usually I will find a way to have a small binge/purge even when I am with people. WOW! Now, let me not kid you. I binged the minute I got back home, but it does let me know that it is possible on my own. I mean, without hospitalization. And I felt terrific.

He is a good guy. For reasons that are too complicated to describe here, we won’t be together forever. But I’d like to think he could know everything about me. . .

learn how to make 5 knock-your-socks-off desserts
Number one: German Chocolate Cake


Practice yoga once a week
Went to class last week

For the first time in two months. My original instructor left, which made me surprisingly sad! – but this one is okay, if less rigorous.

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