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  1. 1. Graduate
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  2. 2. simplify my life
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  3. 3. Get organized and Stay organized!
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  4. 4. learn from my mistakes
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  5. 5. be able to say what i feel
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  6. 6. stop procrastinating
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  7. 7. identify 100 of my Favorite songs.
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  8. 8. scan all my old photographs
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  9. 9. be a better wife
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  10. 10. be a good aunt
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  11. 11. improve my memory
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  12. 12. get rid of cellulite
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  13. 13. learn to germinate seeds to eat them
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How I did it
How to play the piano again
It took me
2 years
It made me

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Get organized and Stay organized!
disorder is a tradition of my family!

To be organized… for me there is something mysterious. I feel me stupid, and I don’t understand simple things, when I reason about how to organize. But I insist

play the piano again
I desire to creatively play

I was qualified 20 years ago in piano. I played only written music. Then I have stopped playing. Now I want to again play, but in another way.


I have postponed this objective for so many years. I am 47 years old. I don’t want to wait anymore.


I want to:
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