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See Casting Crowns in concert
Casting Crowns Christmas Celebration.

I saw Casting Crowns live with Natalie Grant, Avalon, Purenrg, Denver and the mile high orchestra, and Michael English.
It was an amazing concert.
It was Christmas themed but they still did “East to West” a favorite of mine.
The concert really moved me, and “East to west” really just sang my heart that night. I found a new meaning to and love for the song that I’d never had or found before.
It was an amazing experience.
So, definitely go through with it. You won’t regret it. (:

Meet my favorite band
Shoutfest (:

Soo, they weren’t actually my favorite band at the time but they are on of them now.
They’re Mission Six.
I met them on the Shoutfest tour.
They had a booth, and my friend and I decided to go meet them.
Basically, we just waited in line and I decided to get my converse signed.
When we got up there, the guys were super cool and nice.
They signed my shoe and smiled at me, saying things like “Hey.” and were really friendly.
I told them they did Great, and they said Thanks. (:
Later, my friend and I came back to the booth & asked for a picture, and Noah was like “Oh Yeah! Sure!”
and we had some random girl behind us take the picture.
I stood between David and Noah.
They were really nice, and we saw them again later that day; they were just walking around, and we smiled at them.
I really regret not stopping them to talk and hang out.
But you can be sure that I’ll mkae sure to hang out with them next tiem I see them.
Which i think will be in March.
We’ll have to travel like 6 hours, but it’s definitely worth it.

My advice: Festivals are great places to meet bands.
Just wait the lines out and do something they can remember you by; like having them sign an awesome pair of shoes you have (;]), or bringing them water if it’s a hot day. (something i wish we would have done.) Be friendly to them and not overbearing or obsessive.
Who knows, you might even end up dating that cute guitarist that you’ve been crushing on. ;]

Hope I’ve helped.

and right now, I can’t post the pic we took with them cuz it’s on my best friend’s camera not mine, but i’m getting it soon and i’ll post it. (:


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