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Ride a mechanical bull

we went to the electric cowboy the other night for my best friend’s bachelorette party and there was a bull there. they told me i should ride it, but i was in a skirt (granted, it was long and flowy and not short and skanky) and the man operating the bull was a perv, haha. so… maybe some other time when i’m in jeans or something.

Buy a motorcycle
sport bike yeahhhh

my friend brandon and i rode one of his friend’s cbr 1000s the other night and in third gear we were doin’ 135 and not even close to red lining it. my GOD at the adrenaline rush.

i know if i bought a 1000 anything i’d kill myself, so i think i’ll settle for something in the 500 – 650 range. the ‘08 graffiti black honda cbr’s are pure sex. too bad i can’t afford to pay ten grand for pure sex.

looks like i’ll have to buy used. =/

be a bridesmaid
showers and parties and dresses.. oh my

one of my best friends got married two months ago and the other one is getting married next week. i’ve been bridesmaids both times, and even though i live 625 miles away from each of them, it’s totally worth the drives home to throw their showers and attend their parties and whatnot. of course i couldn’t attend all of their showers, and they were nice enough to somewhat plan their lingerie showers around my schedule. there’s nothing like being a part in one of the biggest days in someone’s life. =)

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